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Calcium or Lime Remover

Do you have a chrome faucet or other household items? I bet you would like to find a way to have them cleaned easier and without those harsh chemicals. Well I have good news for you, I have a great tip. For calcium or lime deposits on chrome faucets, soak a towel with vinegar and…

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Homemade Carpet Deodorizer

Carpet cleaning is one of the most essential but exhausting chores in the house and a vital element in carpet cleaning is getting rid of the stench, which develops in the carpet with time and is due to an array of reasons. When you have pets in your house, their smell, invariably, is absorbed by…

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Old, Dirty Carpet – Clean or Replace

As long as your carpets are new and shining, you feel that the need for their maintenance is low and just vacuuming them at home should suffice. But, with time and age of your carpet, they lose their sheen and become discolored. This makes them look dirty no matter how much you clean and vacuum…

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Carpet Cleaning Resolutions for New Year

We are ushering in Christmas and the New Year with smiles on our faces and numerous resolutions in our hearts. Most of these resolutions are carrying forward from previous years but some of them are new and have to be complied before a particular event- lose weight before wedding, get a new job before dad’s…

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Keep Your Carpets Clean During the Holidays

Holidays are always a fun time but they bring to us a challenge of being able to keep our house environment clean. Due to the many people entering and leaving your house, carpets have greater chances of getting stained in this season, thus bringing out the importance of maintaining your carpets at this crucial juncture.…

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