Carpet Cleaning : Go DIY or Hire a Pro

Carpet Cleaning: Go DIY or Hire a Pro? [Infographic]

When planning to for carpet cleaning, which route should you take: DIY or hire a

Reasons to Invest in Carpet Cleaning Services

Reasons to Invest in Carpet Cleaning Services

All the things at home or office attract lots of dust, soil, mud, germs, insects,

Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning Torrance CA

How Fast Drying Carpet Cleaning Benefits All?

Spills and accidents are part and parcel of lives. A simple coffee spill or paint


How to Remove Gum, Play-Doh and Other Sticky Stuff from Your Carpet

People constantly ask me how to get gum or Play-Doh out of their carpet.  I’ve


New Jersey Toddler vs Home-Use Carpet Cleaning Chemical

When Samantha Adams’s young son Jackson spilled carpet cleaning chemicals from an upturned bottle into


Tossing in the Towel

It happens all the time in a typical household. You grab a paper towel —


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Mattress Cleaning, Dust Mites and You No matter who you are, no matter where you

4 Signs it’s Time for Annual Carpet Cleaning

To clean or not to clean, that is the question! When your carpets are new,

5 Ways to Keep Carpet Looking New Between Cleanings

Carpets keep their beauty longest if professionally deep cleaned at least once a year. It pays

Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Want to clean your toilets without spending a lot of money?  Try this natural toilet