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No matter how complex your situation is, we are perfectly qualified and equiped to
completely remove urine stains and odor from your floors and furnmiture.

Sustainable Cleaning Products

we use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. All our supplies have no soap or harsh chemicals.

Purified water

Our purified water rinsing process leaves your floors deep cleaned, soft to the touch and completely residue FREE

Drying time

Our low water pressure system and the use of high speed fans on every service allows your floors to dry in just a few hours. 

What’s the first thing your visitors think when they
walk through your door?

  • Are they overpowered by the urine smell from your pet?
  • Is there a lingering smell you've grown used to you can not perceive?
  • A smell that can make your visitor uncomfortable and you don't know?
lets face it, whether it’s your best friend or the local delivery boy, nobody’s going to tell you how they feel. They’ll cut their visit short, they’ll make up excuses not to come back, the extra polite ones may even sit there uncomfortably pretending they can’t smell it.

But, by not telling you, by not wanting to hurt your feelings, the problem only gets worse. And here’s why.

Did you know that urine salts never dry?


That’s right, those urine spots - the ones you know about and the ones you don’t - they’re all a breeding ground for bacteria.

They’ll stay there forever, and as the bacteria multiplies over time, so too does the smell. And it’s the same for all animals. These pet urine salts are the reason For the distasteful odors and terrible stains that may even make you nervous to have visitors over.

I'm not going to bore you with technical stuff you probably already read somewhere else.  You can read more on pet urine and pet odor here.

I'll tell you in a nut shell. These Urine salts can Cause

  • fiber damage

  • Color Alteration.

  • An unhygienic living environment.

Sadly, most of these damages become permanent through time and in one's attempt to make it better, one makes things more difficult and the situation just gets worse.

You see, the average pet owner does not have a full understanding about pet urine stains and bad odor control and is not familiar with the what, why, and when or the proper procedure to correct this problem.

The average homeowner trusts these over the counter miracle products that are at his reach and believes the exaggerated claims made by the manufacturer or local salesman about the capabilities of such products.

The average homeowner purchases the product he believes, after reading the label, will be the best choice or the one that "Mary" recommended and sworn to have completely removed the smell on her carpet in a matter of a few hours.

What the average homeowner does not realize is that not all carpets are made the same and what worked on Mary's carpet not only could not work on his carpet, but it can also ruin it.

And it is not that the products are bad.

It is that

  • Carpets are made with different fibers.

  • Carpets are dyed with different dyes.

  • Not all carpets have the same level of contamination.

  • There are legal limitations as to how strong a product that is going to be sold to the general public can be.

All of this factors along with the procedures used will determine if the miracle product will work, will fail or make things worse.

And trust me, the majority of the time, Things get worse.

It would be great if our furry little friend's accidents could stay on the surface of our floors it would be a breeze to clean them but its impossible. On wood floors urine seeps through the gaps into and under the wood. On tile, it penetrates deep into the grout. On carpet it travels and expands into the padding and subfloor.

To be able to successfully remove it, appropriate products specifically formulated to destroy these bacteria at the molecular level are needed as well as specialty tools. Sadly, depending on the severity of the problem, Replacement is the only option in some cases.

We have good news! We can help you get rid of those pet
urine stains and pet odor for good

As pet owners ourselves, we don't judge.  We know how much you love your pets. We know they like to mark their territory and we know they have accidents from time to time. Neither you or I are going to let them go.  They are family!  they bring happiness to our homes especially to our children.  We need them but we also need to regain that lost confidence in our homes and completely eliminate that lingering pet urine smell for good. Here is the news.
We have been fighting these irritating little buggers for almost one quarter of a century. Yes, those little guys the ones that create the bad pet urine stains and odor you and I want to get rid of.

We might have lost some battles, I have to be honest, but we  learned from those lessons and we completely equipped and prepared ourselves to win the war every single time.

  • We are all trained and certified odor control technicians.  

  • We posses Strong UV lights to detect all urine spots. The ones one can see and the ones none can.

  • Our Ultra sensitive moisture detectors find the urine deep into the carpet padding even in the subfloor.

  • Our proprietary enzymatic solution brings along an army of other little good guys that outnumber by far these buggers. They beat them every time and hang out in your carpet or furniture for a few days just in case they want to come back.

  • We work hand on hand with reputable carpet and floor installers in the rare case replacement is the best option.

We Always have a solution for you.

Don’t spend thousands replacing your carpets.
Don’t be nervous every time you invite someone to your home.

Give us a call today to arrange your consultation.

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