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Don’t Waste Another Second on Failed Attempts to Your Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning!

  • Over-the-counter cleaning products don’t work. We use powerful tools and products that aren’t available to the public.
  • Completely safe, non-toxic formula digests and devours the grimy, oily soils that make your grout look filthy (and impossible to clean).
  • Enclosed pressure washing systems use hot, pressurized water to blast away dirt and grim. Optional sealer preserves results for months or years.
  • Last-step buffing brings out museum-quality shine. You will get compliments!

If your dirty tile and grout flooring looks dull even after vigorous cleaning, All Points Carpet Care can help you deal with it. We can clean out our tile flooring quickly and make them shine like you. 

In addition to that, we will also clean your grout lines and make your tile flooring new-like. So don’t break your back trying to clean the grout line, we can do it for you faster and more efficiently. 

How Do Our Tile Cleaning Services Work?

Did you know grout is actually just very thin concrete? Like regular concrete, the fastest, most effective way to clean it is with pressure washing. Obviously, you can’t use a pressure washer on the floor in your kitchen or bathrooms because it would make a tremendous mess.

All Points Carpet Carpet can help you solve all your issues pertaining to tile and grouts. We do this by using a top-level pressure washing system, which removes every speck of debris and filth from your tile flooring. We attach this to the truck-mounted standard-grade mobile cleaning equipment. Thus, using hot-water at high-pressure, we get rid of all the stains, dust, and germs present on the tiles easily. 

To achieve the best quality cleaning, we start with the pre-treatment of tile and grout flooring. For this we use a safe, organic cleaning solution that easily disintegrates all the oil, grease, slime. We then remove these contaminants from the tile flooring using a pressure washing system. 

Most tile and grout cleaning services use harsh and toxic-riddled cleaning solutions. These solutions are so strong that they also erode stainless steel equipment. Fortunately, All Points Carpet care don’t use toxic cleaners. We use only eco-friendly cleaning products that are EPA-approved.    

We even take care to protect your valuable woodwork and trim. Often, we use a special scrubbing machine to get maximum results on very dirty floors. Other times, we hand-scrub certain areas with a grout brush. In either scenario, we may need to get close to your walls and cabinets. Since we don’t want to damage those areas, we may tape them off and/or set up special plastic guards—something we can’t say our competitors do.

Once your floor has been cleaned and dried, we can apply a professional-strength sealer that resists stains and soiling for months or even years (depending on your lifestyle and maintenance routine). After the sealer has dried, we buff the floor with a rotary machine that brings out unbelievable shine, luster, and beauty (buffing not recommended for every floor). You will get compliments! 

How We Differ From Other Tile & Grout Cleaners

Don’t let just anybody clean your tile-and-grout floors. Not all companies are the same! Find out what makes All Points the best.

We never charge extra for tough jobs. “Deep cleaning” is always free, even if the job takes longer than expected. We never penalize our customers just because we have to work harder.

Several cleaning passes may be needed to restore extremely dirty grout, but most companies make ONE pass and call it ‘good’. We don’t give up until we’re positive we’ve achieved the best possible result.

We refuse to take your money if we can’t clean your grout. Some floors have been waxed or improperly sealed, and no amount of cleaning can fix them. Unscrupulous companies would proceed anyway, knowing your floor won’t look any different when they’re done. We’re proud to have saved our customers thousands of dollars by being honest about what to expect. If they don’t want to proceed, we have no problem with that. Your happiness is more important to us than your money.

Different floors require different cleaning methods. For instance, what works on ceramic tile could damage marble or slate. All Points have the training and certification to keep your floors safe!

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