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All Points Tile Cleaning Los Angeles CA Will Fix Dirty Grout! Don’t Waste Another Second on Failed Attempts Doing Your Tile and Grout Cleaning Yourself

If you’re frustrated by dirty tile-and-grout flooring that refuses to come clean, All Points Tile Cleaning Los Angeles CA will be happy to get your tile And Grout looking as good as new. We can quickly deliver strikingly clean grout lines and spotless tile with long-lasting results.  Don’t waste days scrubbing grout lines with store-bought tile and grout cleaning chemicals and a toothbrush when we can deliver better results in a fraction of the time.  To save even more time on all of your cleaning projects we can even take care of your carpet cleaning needs while we are there.

  • As one of the best services for tile cleaning Los Angeles CA has to offer, we use powerful tile and grout cleaning tools and products that aren’t available to the general public.
  • Completely safe, non-toxic tile and grout cleaning formula digests and devours the grimy, oily soils that make your grout look filthy (and impossible to clean).
  • Patented enclosed  tile and grout  pressure washing system uses hot, pressurized water to blast away dirt and grime…optional sealer preserves results for months or years.
  • Last-step buffing brings out museum-quality shine…you will get compliments!

How Tile Cleaning Los Angeles CA Works

Did you know that grout is actually just a very thin concrete? Like regular concrete, the fastest, most effective way to clean it is with pressure washing. Obviously you can’t use a pressure washer on the floor in your kitchen or bathrooms because it would make a tremendous mess.

All Points Tile Cleaning Los Angeles CA, completely solves this problem by using a unique, enclosed pressure washing system that blasts dirt and grime away while capturing 100% of the mess-making over-spray.  The tile and grout system is powered by industrial-grade mobile cleaning plants that are permanently mounted inside our vans. They generate super-heated, high-pressure water that cuts through the toughest soil and stains with ease.

We pretreat tile-and-grout flooring with a safe, non-toxic formula that literally digests and dissolves grimy, oily soils, turbocharging the effectiveness of our pressure washing system. Many companies use harsh, acidic tile and grout cleaning solutions that are so noxious, the fumes alone will etch stainless steel appliances. At all Points we use biodegradable tile and grout cleaning products that are safe for your entire family including your pets.

We even take care to protect your valuable woodwork and trim. Often, we use a special scrubbing machine to get maximum results on very dirty floors. Other times, we hand-scrub certain areas with a grout brush. In either scenario, we may need to get close to your walls and cabinets. Since we don’t want to damage those areas, we may tape them off and/or set up special plastic guards—something we can’t say our competitors do.

Once your floor has been cleaned and dried, we can apply professional strength sealer that resists stains and soiling for months or even years (depending on your lifestyle and maintenance routine). After the sealer has dried, we buff the floor with a rotary machine that brings out unbelievable shine, luster and beauty (buffing not recommended for every floor). You will love the service provided by All Points Tile Cleaning Los Angeles CA AND you WILL get compliments due to the professional work of our certified technicians.



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