Five Star Rated Carpet Cleaning Services
In Long Beach CA

There are carpet cleaning services and there are professional carpet cleaning services
And Then there is a detailed, meticulous carpet cleaning Service. 
The One we offer. We could not do it any other way.

Sustainable Cleaning Products

we use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. All our supplies have no soap or harsh chemicals.

Purified water

Our purified water rinsing process leaves your floors deep cleaned, soft to the touch and completely residue FREE

Drying time

Our low water pressure system and the use of high speed fans on every service allows your floors to dry in just a few hours. 

Our cleints Rave About Our Carpet Cleaning
Services In Long Beach CA

Over the years we have earned a superb reputation of being one of the best carpet cleaning services in Long beach CA and surrounding cities.

If you’ve had a bad experience with professional carpet cleaning, and you’d love to find a company that actually does a good job and pays attention to the little details, we are the solution for you. 

You deserve a meticulous cleaning, impeccable results that last a long time, and special attention from the person or people cleaning your carpet...and we can deliver all that and more, just for you.

When your carpet, furniture, or tiles get cleaned by an experienced master technician who is known to offer outstanding carpet cleaning services in Long Long Beach CA and best customer service experience, the results are inarguably and noticeably better. They last for a long, long time, and the most common problems are completely eliminated. 

  • No sopping wet carpet that takes a day to dry,

  • no leftover stains that could have been easily removed,

  • no fast re-soiling or reappearing stains

  • no smart aleck, clueless technicians who’d rather be anywhere else.

  • no strong-arm sales tactics that intimidate you into spending more money than you’d planned.

Sadly, every carpet cleaner could do the same thing we do, but most of them would rather fly through jobs in the name of profitability, or they’re so completely clueless they have no idea there’s a better way to do things.  It’s just a roll of the dice, friends.  Unless you call our company , you don’t know who you’re going to get.

You can count on our expert technicians to transform you dirty, dingy carpet into a bright, freshly cleaned, looking brand new carpet you can be proud of.

Red Stains , Hard To Remove Spots Are No Match For Our Proven and Tested Carpet Cleaning Services in Long Beach CA.

Approved by all carpet manufacturers, our proven and tested five-step cleaning process achieves the best possible results leaving your carpet cleaner and healthier than never before.

Thorough Vacuuming

The most important step in the carpet cleaning process often skipped by some companies. It removes all the dry soils and contaminants thus makes it easier for the cleaning solutions to dissolve grease and oily spots.


We apply our signature eco-friendly cleaning solution to immediately dissolve and suspend on the carpet surface all the greasy, oil and other contaminants left by the vacuum.

Strong Scrubbing

A counter rotating brushing machine is used to reach into the carpet fibers, lift them into place and extracting all dirt and debris from deep down the pile of the carpet preserving it's natural look and feel.

Hot Water Extraction

 Our powerful truck mounted extraction cleaning plant injects our neutral oxygen releasing rinsing solution while vacuuming away the loose soils suspended on the surface leaving your carpet completely clean, sanitized, residue free and looking brand new.

Lightning-Fast Drying

Since we use moisture controlled cleaning units and we install high speed commercial grade fans while we are working, your carpet dries super fast. Most times some rooms are completely dry before we leave your home.

Our Happy Clients Comments

Martin and Monica have made my bathroom tile floor and walls look as though they were just installed.  It is a pleasure to have All Points working in my house making the bathroom look great.

they care about the quality of their work and they go beyond the call of duty to make sure it's done to my satisfaction. I highly recommend this great couple for all your home or office cleaning needs.

Google Reviews

Not only were they friendly and accommodating to my concerns, but they did an amazing job cleaning the carpets. I would definitely recommend this business!


You Too Can Be As Happy As All Of Our Clients.
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