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My wife Monica and I started our small company to be different than most others. We wanted to prove our neighborgs that a mom and pop's carpet cleaning company could succeed without using shoddy tactics and we did.
We have been around 20 years plus.

satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that a Job badly done is not worth doing at all.  We refuse to cut corners and rush through the job.  Baseness is not our thing

Fair Exchange

some play the cheap will always win game even if it means -- providing a lousy job. We give you fair pricing for immaculate results.

25 Years of Experience

The average employee tenure at the nation's largest carpet cleaning franchise is only 6 months. We have been around over 20 years.

Our Story

The entrepreneurial bug first bit me when I was a little boy selling sticks of gum in the subway to help support my single mom. Even though my wife Monica and I started this business in 2002, I feel like it’s been with me my entire life because the exact same motivation that pushed me as a child pushes me now: Unshakeable love for my family.
Hi my name is Martin Sanchez and I am the founder of All Points Carpet Care. I didn’t start a business to get rich or to make a name for myself. I just wanted to provide for my family, and I also wanted to have time for my family. The other career paths I had the opportunity to follow wouldn’t have allowed for that. Cleaning provides a good living and plenty of freedom, so here I am.

Owning a business can be stressful, but it’s so rewarding. I’m with my family all the time, and I can even employ family members who need an extra lift. I can’t describe how gratifying this has been for my wife and me. We work hard, yes. But we’re living the “American Dream” and it feels wonderful
All Points family
I can’t take the credit, though.
That goes to you, my customers. When a good meal sits on my table, I know that you helped provide it. When my  son has a job to come to in the morning, it’s because you give us work to do. And when I turn the light off at the end of a long day, I feel peace of mind that exists only because folks like you so generously choose to do business with my company.

My appreciation for you is why I insist on going above and beyond on every single job. My family owes you a great deal, and the best way I can pay you back is with hard work, extra effort, and a focus on all the little details my competitors skip. I promise you’ll notice the difference when you hire All Points Cleaning And Restoration.

We’re not some huge, unfeeling corporation or national chain. No, we’re just the Sanchez family. And you become one of us when you choose All Points, so count on good, honest work and a fair deal. If a problem pops up and you need us, we’re ready to help no questions asked. After all, what else is family for?

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