Top Rated  Carpet Cleaning Services in Long Beach CA  

Unmatched customer service and top notch carpet cleaning services done to perfection is not only our motto. It is how All Points Cleaning and Restoration has positioned itself as one of the most trusted and referred carpet cleaning companies In Long Beach California.

Why SHould you choose working with us 

We Use Our Experience To Create Yours

We are a small husband and wife company  providing carpet cleaning services in Long Beach CA 

 for over  20 years

Industry Leading Cleaning Products

Our purified water and completely safe and biodegradable cleaning solutions, minimize the presence of pet and pollen allergens and provide your carpet with a deep down cleaning without the need of harsh chemicals.

Top-Rated Customer Service

From the beginning when you contact us till the completion of your carpet cleaning services, we are there to help you with anything you want. Our carpet cleaning staff is friendly, professionally trained, and certified.

Fair and Honest Prices

Unlike other carpet cleaning companies In Torrance that play the “cheaper will always win game”, we do a complete evaluation and we recommend the cleaning process that better suit your needs and you always get an upfront firm quote.

Lightning Fast Dry Times

We use commercial fans during the cleaning process to increase the speed of drying up. As a result, you can start using your carpet in a matter of hours. Normally, most of the freshly cleaned carpets dry-off completely even before we leave your premises.

Receive A Professional Carpet Cleaning Done By

Certified Technicians With Over 20 Years Of Experience

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What We do 

Detailed Thorough Cleaning

We never sacrifice quality for profit.

We always deliver premium results at reasonable prices to everyone of our clients.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Long Beach CA

Purified Water, Soap-free products, and no harsh chemicals for a proven and guaranteed deep cleaning.

Unlike some competitors, we combine education, technology together with over 20 years of experience to obtain the best possible results. We offer an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee and we promise to make it right immediately should you feel something is not done to your expectations.
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We use our 20+ years of experience to clean different types of upholstery fabrics with an appropriate method.

We specialize in the jobs our competitors run away from. Tough stains, light-colored natural fabric, microfiber, and pet odors are no match for our 20 years of experience. By the time we’re done, your furniture will look and smell great, and it will feel crisp and clean like fresh sheets on a bed.
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We restore your tile and grout floor to its natural color and beauty.

We use powerful tools and products that aren’t available to the general public. Our completely safe, non-toxic formula digests and devours the grimy, oily soils that make your grout look filthy (and impossible to clean).
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