Professional furniture & upholstery cleaning
in Long Beach, CA

We specialize in the jobs our competitors run away from. Tough stains, light-colored fabric, microfiber, Viscose Fabric and pet odors are no match for our 20 plus years of experience

Sustainable Cleaning Products

we use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products. All our supplies have no soap or harsh chemicals.

Purified water

Our purified water rinsing process leaves your floors deep cleaned, soft to the touch and completely residue FREE

Drying time

Our low water pressure system and the use of high speed fans on every service allows your floors to dry in just a few hours. 

Get a thorough hand detailed couch cleaning service
with all Points Cleaning

Over 20 years of experince cleaning all types of fine fabrics
If you have dirty or smelly furniture that you’re embarrassed to let guests sit on, All Points Cleaning can fix it!  We specialize in the jobs our competitors run away from. 
  • We fix problems the other guys run away from…microfiber, stains, body oils, ink, blood, pet hair, pet urine, light colored fabric, exotic materials and more.

  • Low moisture tool and turbo-fans for ultra-fast dry times…have the sofa cleaned at noon and it’s dry before the kids get home from school.

  • Hand detailing takes care of nooks, crannies, curves and piping that can’t be cleaned with standard upholstery tool.

  • Optional fabric protector for long-lasting results…resists stains, spills and body oils so you can enjoy clean furniture for months or years

Fine Fabric Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning Torrance
Martin was flexible, diligent, and detail oriented, as he cleaned our sofa, chair, upholstered bed.
Emily Fetcho Barclay

The Best Way To Proper Upholstery Cleaning: 
The Old Fashioned Hand Detailed Way

Since furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, certain areas are impossible to clean with standard upholstery tools.  Sharp curves, piping, and narrow areas are so challenging that many pros simply skip cleaning them. 
In contrast, we use old-fashioned but proven tricks to make sure these challenging areas are thoroughly cleaned down to the smallest detail.

And, unlike our competitors, we dry vacuum all furniture before we clean a stitch of fabric. Why? If you’ve ever looked under your cushions, you know that dirt, food crumbs, pet hair and other unsavory items collect under there. If it’s not removed before cleaning, all that loose, dry soil sinks into your fabric and turns into mud. Dry vacuuming prevents this from happening. Sadly, most cleaners skip this crucial step.

Finally, if you want your freshly cleaned upholstery to look perfect for as long as possible, consider optional fabric protection. It repels dirt, liquids and body oils, restoring the factory stain resilience your upholstered pieces originally came with. When the inevitable accident happens, it’ll be a snap to clean up. Just ask for fabric protector and we’ll take care of it!

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