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No Need To Be Embarrassed by Your Dirty Upholstery… Give A Fresh, Bright Look with Upholstery Cleaning!

  • There is absolutely no need to feel bad about your dirty upholstery. Get pristine clean furniture that looks and smells great with upholstery cleaning from All Points Carpet Care in Torrance!.
  • Low moisture tools and turbo-fans for ultra-fast dry times. Have the sofa cleaned at noon and it’s dry before the kids get home from school.
  • Hand detailing takes care of nooks, crannies, curves, and piping that can’t be cleaned with standard upholstery tools.
  • Optional fabric protector for long-lasting results. Resists stains, spills, and body oils so you can enjoy clean furniture for months or years.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services

If you have dirty or smelly furniture that you’re embarrassed to let guests sit on, All Points Cleaning can fix it! We specialize in the jobs our competitors run away from. Tough stains, light-colored fabric, microfiber, and pet odors are no match for our 20 years of experience. By the time we’re done, your furniture will look and smell great, and it will feel crisp and clean, like fresh sheets on a bed. 

Well, in a household full of kids or pets, it’s understandable that you can’t do without your furniture for a long time. Therefore, we promise to use low moisture upholstery cleaning techniques and equipment along with industry-sized fans so that your furniture dries faster. 

Upholstery furniture is made in all sizes and shapes. Therefore, to clean some nooks and corners, we have to use special upholstery equipment. Sharp curves, piping, and narrow areas are few spots on your upholstery, which are harder to clean properly. Hence, many professionals literally ignore cleaning those areas. However, in our case, we use different cleaning techniques to reach out to those areas and clean them properly.  

In contrast to other cleaning companies, we always dry vacuum the furniture before starting the cleaning process. The reason behind this is simple. The surface of upholstery contains lots of dirt, debris, hair, and a lot other filthy items. So, to provide you strikingly clean upholstery, we remove all the loose and dry articles present on your upholstery fabric. This allows undisturbed cleaning of upholstery that allows us to deliver you what we promised.

Lastly, to maintain your upholstery the way it is right after professional cleaning, think about investing in fabric protection. A good fabric protectant repels most types of dirt, liquids, body oils, and in some cases also keep away germs. They are efficient to fight against stains and help prevent it from sticking to the upholstery. Opt for a fabric protector to take care of your upholstery.

Our Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Process 


We test a small area in an inconspicuous place to make sure there are no unwanted results.

Area Prep:

Lamps and tables are moved out of the way so we don’t accidentally break something. If necessary, we place water-resistant drop cloths on the floor to protect from moisture and over-spray.

Dry Vacuuming:

This important step removes loose soil that would otherwise sink into the fabric and turn into mud.


Depending on the fabric we’re cleaning, one of our mild cleaning agents is applied and gently massaged into the fibers. It loosens and suspends soil to prepare for the next step.

Extraction and Neutralizing:

We use a low moisture hand tool to rinse away suspended soils with warm, soft water and a pH neutral solution that leaves fabric soft and fresh. Areas that can’t be cleaned with the tool are cleaned and detailed by hand.


Problem areas, stains and remaining spots are re-treated with spotting agents and re-neutralized.


We use a furniture brush to remove the cleaning strokes from our hand tool. The fabric looks full and rejuvenated.

Final Inspection:

We don’t just presume that we’re finished. You will have the opportunity to check our work and make sure it meets your expectations.


An optional fabric protector is applied, giving your furniture extreme stain resistance and long-lasting good looks.

Speed Drying:

Commercial fans are positioned to dry quickly so you can go back to using your furniture as soon as possible.

Get In Touch With Experienced Upholstered Furniture Cleaners

When we’re finished, it will literally be impossible for your furniture to be any cleaner.  It will look and smell amazing, and the optional protector will keep it that way for months or even years (depending on your lifestyle and maintenance routine).  

We would love to hear from you.  Please call today and set up an appointment for your furniture!

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