Thank You for Visiting All Points Carpet Care: The Only Professional Carpet Cleaning Company In Los Angeles That Places HONESTY ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE…

We REJECT the unethical carpet cleaning standards set by others in our industry and

we RESPECT our clients by always keeping our promises.

Our work will exceed your expectations, every time.

Look, hiring professional carpet cleaning services in Los Angeles is not that easy. I take no pleasure in telling you this but our industry is known to be plagued with uneducated, unethical cowboys who are there just to make a quick buck with no intention at all to provide an honest and ethical carpet cleaning service.

You have probably already heard some of this carpet cleaning horror stories:

  • Cleaning companies that give a price over the phone just to set foot at your door to eventually double or triple the cost.
  • Cheap carpet cleaners who rush through the job leaving your carpet half cleaned and wet for days with no remorse whatsoever.
  • Reappearing spots only a few days after the carpet was professionally cleaned and “the best carpet cleaner” is nowhere to be found or takes no responsibility for his wrongful doing.

That way of doing business is just WRONG! All Points Carpet Care is different.
Your investment in flooring in your home is something we take very seriously. We believe in absolute transparency and honesty from the first phone call to final result, without exceptions.

When you hire All Points you will notice right off the bat that your job was done to absolute perfection with an overenthusiastic attention to detail for a reasonable price. Do the other companies who use bait and switch and other shoddy tactics win some sales sometimes? Of course, but we truly believe we are the best.

We Are the Best and Here’s Why

  1. High standard of integrity. My grandfather was firm on the idea that “A job done badly was not worth doing”. He raised me under that principle and I live by it to this day. My technicians embrace that principle and are experts at making sure that our job is always exceptional. They understand that the only thing that matters is cleaning your home just the way you want it done, period!
  2. There is no fine print, no arm twisting and no hard pressure sales. We don’t believe in unethical, high pressure up-sales including the “fake discounts” that are very popular in our industry. These tactics are only designed to make you feel you are getting a good deal when, in fact, you are just getting ripped off.
  3. We stick to our pricing promises. Our quotes are set in stone. We provide you with an accurate onsite cleaning evaluation and once we give you a price, you will not pay a penny more unless you want us to clean something else. Our pricing structure is always reasonable. We may not be the cheapest, but our service is worth every penny. Not all companies operate the same, not everyone takes pride on what they do. We make sure our services are more than worth your hard earned money– Every Single Time.
  4. Unrivaled customer Satisfaction. Most carpet cleaning companies will offer you a bold “customer satisfaction guarantee.” Which in many cases is never honored. Who would want to write a check to only be “satisfied”? Not I and I hope you don’t either. If you ever feel only satisfied with our service, we would consider that a failure. We want you to be absolutely thrilled, we want our meticulous top notch level of cleaning to blow your mind. That’s why we created our unique “rock solid never heard of 200% Money back Guarantee”.

We Are Passionate about What We Do and We Genuinely Care about the People We Work For. We only clean one way, “The Proper Way”.

That’s why our repeat clients love us, our new clients are flat out amazed
and our competition hates us so much.

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