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DID YOU KNOW that one of the biggest decisions you will ever make involve whom you invite into your home?

No, we aren’t speaking of dinner guests or your next son or daughter- in- law.  Yes, they are important… but what we are speaking of is something you might do without giving it much thought.

What is it? Inviting a service company into your home. You must do it from time to time. But you need to be extra careful of whom you invite. Remember, this is your home, your private domain, and you want only the best.

Sad to say, many service companies today are a disappointment when it comes to providing customers what they really need and want: Good, quality workmanship combined with top-notch customer service.

Your choice in a carpet cleaner or water damage restoration pro should be the best choice.

The Top Four

  •   Lowest Possible Price: Unlike other companies that play the “deep cleaning at an additional cost game”, We give you an upfront firm quote. We never put you under pressure to buy anything that is not of benefit to you and our deep cleaning service is always FREE.
  •   Quality work: When you call a company to do work for you, it is assumed they will do what they say they will do, such as clean the carpet, clean the tile and grout, or remove the water that flooded your basement.
  •   On time: They say they will be there between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. but if they are there at 2 p.m., what does that do to your schedule? A reputable company will be on time and respect your own schedule.
  •   Appearance: A quality cleaning and restoration company should look like professionals. Anyone coming into your home should make you feel comfortable. After all, if they can’t keep their trucks and technicians cleaned up, can you expect them to really clean up your home?

After all, it is your home. When looking for the best in cleaning and restoration, remember you deserve the absolute best!

Give us call and experience the All Points difference.  hundreds of your friends and neighbors rave about our cleaning process and quality.

Our Process

Are you Ready for A Fantastic Customer Service and Unbelievable Savings

About Us

My Name is Martin Sanchez, founder of All Points Carpet Care. I have been in the carpet cleaning and tile cleaning industry for over 20 years. Like any other entrepreneur, I started at the bottom working for several “reputable” carpet cleaning companies in Los Angeles. In my times as an employee, I learned that there is wide amount of attitudes in the industry. Read More →

Our Services

  •   Tile Cleaning
  •   Carpet Cleaning
  •   Upholstery Cleaning
  •   Hardwood Floor cleaning
  •   Mattress Cleaning
  •   Pet Odor Removal


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