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Home Remedy to Remove Pet Odors From Furniture

As a pet owner, we know that our pets don’t always smell like roses. They get wet and dirty and it’s not always possible to bathe them every day. They also may have accidents from time to time. Unfortunately those smells often permeate into rugs, blankets and our furniture. Our furniture is a big investments and can’t be easily replaced or thrown in the washing machine to clean. At some point if you have pets, you will have to face the challenge of removing pet odors or stains from your furniture. There are many home remedies that you can use to get your furniture smelling fresh as the day you bought it.

For General Pet Odor

To remove pet odor from a piece of furniture, take a spray bottle filled with 1 part fabric softener and 3 parts water. Spray over the furniture you want to freshen until it is saturated with the solution. Let it dry and then vacuum.

If you are able to wash the covers of the cushions, it’s best to do so as it will help in getting the smell out. If you can’t, you can use the method above or baking soda can be another alternative. Sprinkle on the spot you would like to clean, let sit and then vacuum.

For Pet Odor from Urine

Occasionally we may have to deal with accidents on the furniture. For pet accidents, the best thing is to clean it immediately but if you didn’t catch it in time, dampen the spot and then sprinkle 20 Mule Team Borax over the stain and rub it in. When it dries use a brush to remove the residue. This will clean and deodorize the spot.

When cleaning an odor caused by pet urine, using vinegar is not recommended because of the strong smell may attract them to go in the same spot again. Also, if you have a steam cleaner, do not use this as steam may actually set in the smell and stain.

If all else fails and these home remedies do not solve your pet odor problem, you will have to call in the professionals to come and clean your furniture. They have equipment that will help them remove the stain efficiently.