Inexpensive Rug Cleaning

What do you do when you need your rugs cleaned and you are on a limited budget? If you want your rugs looking like new, but don’t have a ton of cash to make it happen, check out these tips for getting your rugs deep cleaned.

Do It Yourself

Many people prefer to do it themselves as it’s a lot less expensive than hiring a company to come in and clean the carpets and rugs professionally. If you have a home carpet cleaner/extractor, that’s a great option. People who own one are more likely to deep clean on a regular basis or as spots occur, so chances are the carpet won’t need the special attention of a professional. What if you don’t have a carpet extractor? You can rent one at most grocery stores. You may see a small kiosk as you enter or exit your local grocery store. Generally they are anywhere from $20-$50 for a day or two and you will have to purchase the cleaning concentrate separately. You could also see if a friend or family member would let you borrow their machine for a few days. Just keep in mind that not all machines are created equally and although you may get a good clean and be able to remove some spots, generally a professional cleaning will get them cleaner.

Shop Around for Deals on Professional Carpet Cleaning

You may find that your carpets and rugs are too dirty or you would just like a professional to do the work for you. Often carpet cleaning services do have specials from time to time during the year. Call a few different companies to see what they offer. Check your local free papers or in the coupon clipping magazines that sometimes come in your mail or head over to, search for your zip code to see if there are any companies offering specials in your area. Once you get a price you are happy with (usually priced per room), decide if you want to splurge and get the whole house done or just the rooms with high traffic or even just your rugs.

Follow these tips and you will have sparking clean carpets and rugs without breaking the bank.