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New Jersey Toddler vs Home-Use Carpet Cleaning Chemical

When Samantha Adams’s young son Jackson spilled carpet cleaning chemicals from an upturned bottle into his eyes, she had no idea what to do.   The warning label on the bottle said to rinse his eyes for 15 minutes upon contact.  Easier said than done when the affected eyes belong to a crying, squirming toddler.

Fortunately, little Jackson is just fine now, but you can imagine how upset his mother was at the time.  Adams now regrets having the bottle of cleaner in her home in the first place.  Her story begs the question, why keep potentially harmful chemicals around the house if you don’t need to?

The fact is, the average homeowner probably has no clue what’s in carpet cleaning chemicals that are meant for home use.  It’s quite possible some of these products could be downright dangerous.  Why risk keeping the stuff around when it doesn’t even work very well, and a reputable professional can safely clean your carpet?

Now, that doesn’t mean all professional carpet cleaners use safe chemicals.  The industry is completely unregulated, so many pros use whatever is least expensive, whether it’s safe or not.  Usually, they are mainly concerned with buying chemicals that don’t cost much.  Unfortunately, those inexpensive chemicals are often the harshest and most dangerous.

Here at All Points Cleaning & Restoration, we only use the safest cleaning products that rinse free and clear.  They are perfectly harmless for your entire family—including kids and pets—and don’t leave a residue behind.  The products we use are natural and contain no harsh chemicals

The advantage is, you don’t have to keep dangerous chemicals around the house, and you don’t have to call lousy professionals who skimp on cleaning products just to save a few bucks.

But those aren’t the only advantages when you use All Points.  We’re a local, family owned business that treats each customer like a neighbor.  Our methodical, 12-step cleaning process is so thorough, so over-the-top, you won’t believe your eyes at the difference we can make in your home.

Again, why keep potentially dangerous cleaning products in your home when you don’t have to?  Simply call us and let us take care of the rest.  Call today, and ask for Monica.  She’ll take good care of you!


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