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Your Toolkit for After-Party Accidents Cleanup

It’s inevitable. When you mix dancing with alcohol, spills are going to happen. I’ve never had a party at my place where there wasn’t at least one spill. But who wants to be constantly monitoring your guests, possibly making them feel uncomfortable? The best way to relive any stress that might happen is to have a toolkit on hand to quickly take care of any spills so people can get back to enjoying the party.

Here’s what I have in my toolkit:

  • Sponge
  • Soda water (used to dilute the stain before blotting it)
  • Microfiber cloth (to blot the stain)
  • A spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and water (used for sticky surfaces)

That’s all you need! Always make sure that these are close by so you can tackle and stains or spills before they set in on carpets or counter tops. By getting on to the stain right away, you minimize the chances of the stain becoming permanent, but make sure you don’t embarrass the person who spilled it!