Homemade Carpet Deodorizer

Carpet cleaning is one of the most essential but exhausting chores in the house and a vital element in carpet cleaning is getting rid of the stench, which develops in the carpet with time and is due to an array of reasons. When you have pets in your house, their smell, invariably, is absorbed by the carpet and becomes so stubborn that it refuses to go, however much cleaning and perfuming you do. Carpets also stink when it is the monsoon season and moisture starts seeping in the carpet. A blend of dust, moisture and everything else that kids drop on the carpet also develops into a rotten smell. Mentioned below are some very easy homemade recipes of carpet deodorizer which you can DIY.

Mix two cups of corn meal and one cup of borax. Add a few drops of any fragranced oil which you like- cinnamon oil, tea tree oil, etc. Mix all the ingredients well in a jar, sprinkle the mixture on the carpet and leave it on for an hour. After that, rub it with a soft cloth and end it by vacuuming your carpet. What do you get? You get a stench-free, fluffy and fragranced carpet. It becomes fluffy due to the corn meal grains falling deep inside the carpet’s fiber which you rubbed with a cloth. Even if the oil fragrance leaves the carpet after a week or so (your pet will surely sit on the fragranced carpet again and again), the stench will not come back for a long time. Make this exercise a routine.

Another recipe involves only baking soda. Sprinkle some amount on your carpet and let it stay for about ten minutes. After ten minutes, just vacuum your carpet and you are sorted. Baking soda is not harsh on your carpet and is easily available in the supermarket. It is inexpensive and environment friendly.

Baking soda has the property of neutralizing any kind of stench instead of just covering it up, unlike expensive, chemical-based carpet deodorizers available in the market.This whole exercise will not take you more than half-an-hour. Remember to shoo away your pet and kids out of the room to avoid any mishap.

Never use this carpet deodorizer on a wet carpet as the chances of carpet fading become high.
Try these homemade carpet deodorizer recipes and experiment with fragrances (eucalyptus, orange, lemon, etc.)for beautiful and scented carpets.