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Old, Dirty Carpet – Clean or Replace

As long as your carpets are new and shining, you feel that the need for their maintenance is low and just vacuuming them at home should suffice. But, with time and age of your carpet, they lose their sheen and become discolored. This makes them look dirty no matter how much you clean and vacuum them at home. Is it time for you to get another beautiful carpet? Yes, you can consider that if you have your pockets full and warm and you are in a habit of disposing off even the most expensive of carpets once they become dirty. But, if such is not the case then professional carpets cleaner are just a call away.

When you vacuum your carpet at home, it only does some superficial cleaning and you assume that the cleaning is done. This raises questions about dirt and bacteria residing deep inside your carpet threads. Your vacuum cannot pull them out no matter how powerful it is. You need to hire a professional carpet cleaner who will take care of your ailing carpet just like a team of doctors to make it as good as the day you bought it. The cleaning agents and equipment used by the team are strong enough to deep clean your carpet but mild enough not to harm the fabric of your carpet. That is how you make sure that the charm, health and life of your carpet is maintained.

An old, dirty carpet means spoiling the look and feel of your room and spreading diseases due to the dirt. Replacing it would mean that you have to uproot the whole carpet (in case it is wall-to-wall and is stuck with adhesive) and re-adjust the whole room. It would also mean you shell out a huge amount first on buying a new carpet and then getting it stuck in your room; not to mention the labor and service charges. You, as a carpet-owner, cannot rest assured that everything is back to square one once the whole exercise is done.

Why not strike out all the hassles and simply call professional carpet cleaners? They are experienced, trained and certified which means that their services are impeccable and you need not fret about anything. Moreover, what they charge is much lesser than what you shell out for a new carpet. These reasons are enough for you to choose a professional carpet cleaner over replacing your old, dirty carpet.