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How to Clean Your Carpet for Dust Mites

Dust mites are a pest that feed off of dead skin cells. This means anywhere you touch can be an ideal food source for them. The average life span of a dust mite is only four months but they leave a lot of waste and reproduce rapidly in that time. There are a few ways to get rid of dust mites; you can get rid of your carpet which is very costly or you can clean your carpet in a way that will get rid of them.

Dust your furniture

Dust mites can live on any surface that has dust which is made up of dirt and dead skin cells. The first step to removing these pests is to clean all surfaces they can live on. If you skip this step the mites will only return to your carpet no matter what you use. Wear a mask to avoid inhaling the excrement from these bugs. Use a dusting solution found at any local store to insure you remove all particles from the surface.

Clean Furniture and Stuffed Toys

After you have finished dusting all surfaces, the next steps is to take all bedding and stuffed animals and wash them or clean them following the instructions given by the manufacturer. If you are unable to wash certain items you can put them in a freezer to kill the mites. Vacuum your furniture with a HEPA Filter vacuum. You should then use upholstery cleaning solution and a steam cleaner to clean all upholstered furniture. You can buy cleaners specifically for dust mites but that is not always necessary.

Vacuum the Carpet

To prevent mites from re-infesting the furniture you have already cleaned, you should move the furniture to a different area of the house. Once the furniture is moved it is time to vacuum the area thoroughly using a HEPA Filter vacuum. Once you have vacuumed the entire area you should immediately take the vacuum outside to empty the canister and clean the filter. Dumping the canister indoors can allow the mites to return.

Steam Clean Carpets

After you have finished vacuuming you will use a steam cleaner or carpet shampooer to thoroughly clean your carpet. The heat and water will kill the mites and their eggs and the suction of the cleaner will pull them out of the carpets. Once you have finished cleaning the carpet again dump the canister outside to prevent the mites from possibly returning.