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4 Signs it’s Time for Annual Carpet Cleaning

To clean or not to clean, that is the question!

When your carpets are new, all you need is regular vacuuming to make them look fresh and clean again. But after a while, your carpets lose beauty and luster, and you might wonder what you could do about it. This is the moment when you should consider hiring a certified, experienced, and well-trained carpet cleaner. Remember: you have made a major investment in your carpets, and hiring the wrong company can be a costly mistake.

But how do you know your carpet needs to be cleaned – beyond the obvious? Here are four reasons to schedule a professional carpet cleaning every 12 months.

1.  You are missing that “brand new carpet look”

Does your carpet look dull and lackluster? Are you missing that fresh and shiny look of a brand new carpet? You can recreate that fresh carpet appearance by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service that will get rid of the particles, dust, and dirt that are causing your carpet to appear worn and discolored. An experienced carpet cleaner knows how to get back that clean and fresh feeling that your home had when the new carpeting was installed.

2.  You have children and pets
If you’re a parent, you know that no matter how often you clean up after your kids and ask them to be careful, spills and dirt tracks magically find their way into your carpet, especially in high traffic areas. And if you own a pet, you’re probably pretty familiar with mud, dirt, and, um, “little surprises”. Vacuuming alone won’t let you win that battle. Leave it to a professional carpet cleaner who has exactly the right carpet cleaning weapons.

3.  Your want to minimize/prevent allergies
Did you know that carpets are one of the places in your home where bacteria, pollen, dust, and mites love to hang out? It might sound scary, but carpets are one of the main causes in children’s major allergic reactions to dust and asthma related illnesses. There are billions of microscopic insects and bacteria having a big party in your carpet, living on the particles that your vacuum cleaner leaves behind – even if you have the best vacuum cleaner in the world. The only way to get rid of these unwanted “guests” is a professional carpet cleaning with an effective, 100% natural method of cleaning.

4.  You want your carpet to last
Annual carpet cleaning (with spot cleaning as necessary) keeps your carpet looking and feeling great much longer than simply vacuuming. It also allows for easier maintenance on a regular day-to-day basis, which means less time for your carpet cleaning routine and more time for relaxation… how does that sound?

Experts agree

Dirt, stains, mold, and bacteria can spoil the beauty and health of your carpet. All Points Carpet Care has the skills, training, and equipment to keep your carpets in the best shape possible during the life of your investment. Ask your contractor, interior designer, or carpet maker… they will recommend annual professional carpet cleaning as well.

Contact All Points Carpet Care today to schedule your professional carpet cleaning.