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5 Reasons for Professional Carpet Cleaning

You probably know that carpet cleaning is recommended every 12 months, even if the carpet doesn’t look like it needs to be cleaned. But should you call an experienced, professional carpet cleaning company?

YES, and here are 5 reasons to do so:

  1.  Your carpet warranty.
    Most carpet warranties state “have professional carpet cleaning every 12 months”. If you need to hold your manufacturer responsible for the quality of your carpet for whatever reason, your carpet warranty can actually become void if you haven’t maintained your carpet properly.
  2. The beauty of your carpet
    Dirt is very abrasive. It acts just like sandpaper and can damage the fibers of your carpets, causing your carpets to look worn out and dull.

    Regular vacuuming is an important part of your daily carpet maintenance, but vacuuming alone cannot remove the dirt that is deeply embedded and breaks down the carpet fibers. Only professional carpet cleaning can remove this dirt and prevent your carpet from looking worn. But the longer you wait to have your carpets professionally cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpets.

  3. The health of your home. Each time you or someone else enters your home, you’re carrying bacteria, fungus, pollens, air pollution, car exhaust, and hundreds of other pollutants on your skin, clothing, and shoes. Most of those unhealthy particles from the outside end up in your carpet where they can build up. Yuck! Only a regular professional carpet cleaning deeply sanitizes the carpets, reduces allergens, and keeps your carpets clean and healthy.
  4. You save time. Annual professional carpet cleaning allows for an easier, time-saving day-to-day carpet cleaning routine.
  5. You save money. Installing new carpets in your house is a major investment. If you’re not hiring an experienced carpet cleaning company at least every 12 months, you are putting one of your home’s most expensive investments at risk.

In addition to removing dirt and protecting your carpet’s beauty, another significant reason for a regular professional cleaning is to improve the health of your home.

 At All Points Carpet Care we offer a proven 100% natural method of cleaning carpets and upholstery to be sure we don’t leave any residue or unsafe products in your carpet after cleaning. AND, our 200% Money Back Guarantee shows our commitment to providing a quality service.

Contact All Points Carpet Care, your professional carpet cleaning service.